Sorilbran in her office edited resized
Me wearing my fun hair + my favorite second-hand tee.

Who Is Sorilbran?

I am a force of nature.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been compulsively aiming to get 1% better every day I wake up. I value learning. If I’m not listening to a boy with a guitar (or some sort of Indie Jazz/Soul jams birthed in South London), I’m learning.

I’m a lifelong creator. I was that kid who took a notebook and pen everywhere I went because I always had ideas. Today, I’m an adult who sleeps with a journal and voice recorder by her bed because sometimes when inspiration comes, I’m already asleep. #sheblessed

I’m a daddy’s gl who’s big on family, big on relationships, and big on seeing people thrive… as long as thriving means stepping unapologetically into the fullness of who God made them to be.   

I am a natural “biggest fan”, which has afforded me the privilege of creating music and writing books with some of my heroes. 

I don’t scare easily. I don’t wound easily. I don’t break easily. But I smile easily, and I try my best to love easily. I am currently in the market for a Phil Coulson Funko because he’s my favorite Avenger. I’m grateful I lived to see a Black president and an African superhero. (Yibambe!) Oh, and Cavill’s Superman.   

Here's My Work Story

I am a Content Strategist, which basically means I study data and trends to determine how to use content to help brands achieve business goals. Sounds fancy, right? Not to my kids – my daughter says it sounds like I just write book reports for a living. So… however fancy book reports are, that’s probably how fancy I am.

I like to say I’m in my Act 4. Over the course of my career, I’ve worked in several industries. During my Act 1, I worked for years as an administrative expert, starting off in the HR department of a Fortune 500 company. Act 2 was about entrepreneurship. I was a partner in a window installation company and a hair salon. Act 3 saw me move into content creation and content marketing. And now in my Act 4, I’m taking my little bag of tricks to help small businesses, creators, and musicians in the Detroit area friggin’ DOMINATE.  

Separate from my day-to-day in content marketing, I have a heart for helping women to attain self-sufficiency by upskilling. So, I’ve written books and created digital assets that are available for anyone who wants a plan for understanding my industry, acquiring the skills needed to become a content marketer, and hopefully transitioning to my industry. Come on, sis! I gotchu!

Sorilbran in pink no head tilt
Me wearing my work hair + a throwback second-hand work blouse.

Fun Facts About Me

It’s about to get real random up in here.

I once ran for public office just to see my name on the ballot, I was elected, too. In fact, that year, my dad, my mom, me, and my brother were elected to office. Ha! #america

I'm a patriot. I love my country, flaws and all. I teach my daughters to vote, to respect our flag, and to never speak ill of a sitting president. I said what I said.

I have probably seen "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" 50 times. I used to use it as white noise. Can't get better than a Russo Bros fight scene.

My mind tells me inappropriate jokes all day long. Seriously, if you could hear my brain...

At 16, I wore my dad's JJ-Evans-styled denim fits because they were vintage. At 48, I spent 5 months searching all the thrift stores for a round, wooden dining room table 40-45" with super thin 70s legs.

I once inspired another marketer to start wearing a hair piece after colleagues mentioned how my hair was always different in meetings (I love my crochet hair). One day, he just showed up in the Zoom with hair, bro! He was KILLING IT, too. It looked really natural. I wouldn't have even noticed if his coworker hadn't clowned him about it. #ShineKing

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