Legacy? Sort of my jam...

Both Liam Neeson and I have a very particular set of skills. You probably already know what his are. Mine aren’t like that, but they’re legit, nevertheless. 

I am an expert at a handful of things – strategy, content creation, marketing, and small business admin among them.  And my superpower is this: I’m really good at being your #2. 

I’m good at seeing a different path. Taking the high-level look at a plan and being able to rework it to make it effective.  You can learn more about how I work with High Performers, Thought Leaders, and SMEs by clicking the Work With Me tab up top.

Anyway… welcome to my lil’ corner of the web. Consider this a glimpse into my thoughts – beyond just marketing stuff (which I talk A LOT about), but also mom life, sci-fi geekdom,  Bible thumping, and – knowing me – a bunch of essays. Because I think we need to bring back essays and letters. 

Hey, are you thinking about writing a book? I can help!

I’ve ghostwritten more than 60 books over the course of my career. Grab my quick and dirty guide for what to expect when hiring a ghostwriter.  

Sorilbran Looking up and being curious rsz

Hey, I'm Sorilbran!

(She pronounces it suh RIL brən)

… The brains behind content strategy and the reigning commander of all things marketing at The Shelf Influencer Marketing Agency. And if you’re wondering why my bio isn’t all suit-and-tie serious, well, that’s just the way I roll.

I’ve birthed some brainchildren – The Freelancer’s 12-Week Daily Planner, available here on my website. Plus, I’ve penned two (bylined) books: The Freelancer’s Guide to Self-Marketing and 70 Home Business Ideas for Women Who Think Outside the Box.

I’m a #girlmom to a league of 4 extraordinary young women – all of them strong, compassionate leaders (you’re welcome). I’m a sci-fi geek, a sucker for action flicks, and a fan of songs written by boys with guitars, no matter the genre. Dive into my world every week on LinkedIn in my newsletter, Media for Marketing, where I casually spill marketing strategies with a side of mom life and geeky interests. Or take a look around here where I lean into some of the lessons I’ve learned since arriving on the planet back when Ford was president (friggin’ FORD, bro!). Glad you’re here. 


Okay, so… in addition to being your local authority on all things MCU, I’m KIND OF a marketing expert. So… I mean… yeah… I get published, quoted, cited, interviewed, and featured from time to time. 

Now... How Can I Help YOU?

If you’re here because you’re thinking about bringing me into your world to help you level up, that’s awesome! I consider it a genuine honor! Here are the 3 ways I can help.

Help You With Content Creation

Good news! I create tons of content that will help you (yes, YOU) navigate the space known as the creator economy. Dig into my digital crate and find what you need, love.

Support Your Existing Team

Teeny, tiny marketing team? Or no marketing team at all? Let’s look at your goals then plan and implement a marketing strategy to get you there. 

Help You Build Your Authority

Turn your ideas, expertise, and experience into books, courses, and communities. My team and I will help you build a catalog of assets for the next generation. 

Shouldn't you just use AI for all of this?

Yeah.  Duh! AI is nothing new for marketers, right? I’ve been playing a never-ending game of chess against AI-powered search engines for more than a decade. But what many miss as they’re churning out content created by AI is that the quantity of content hasn’t been the most important signal for Google and other search engines in years. So, take 2 minutes to watch this video (here👇🏽or here 👉🏽) to find out what many small business owners are missing when it comes to using AI as their marketing team. Super useful info. 

We get one run at this thing called life. Let's just... go all in.

Yes, I’m a marketer and lifelong content creator. But I also have a love of fandom. So, if you’re an expert, leader, or maker who’s been diligent unto mastery, let’s talk about using content to package your expertise and widen your impact radius. Come on! It’ll be fun!  

Articles & Essays

Everything and nothing in particular.

How to Fix Imposter Syndrome by Sorilbran (1)
You vs You

Imposter Syndrome: What to Do When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

I know what it means to feel like you’re not cutting it, even when you are. That nagging voice telling...

Wholehearted Living by Sorilbran

Whole Me Living with a Whole Heart. Finally.

Something in me stood up and said, "I'm not living in bits and pieces anymore." And just like that, wholehearted...

The Cup and the Hero - 2nd chance by Sorilbran (1)

The Cup and the Hero Pt 2

Okay…. so, I messed up. And now I have to go back, apologize, and see if I can fix all...

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