Courage to Believe with Sorilbran

The Life-Changing, Soul-Affirming Power of Belief

Belief requires a level of courage that can be difficult to muster. It is a powerful force that shapes our actions, influences our thoughts, and ultimately determines the course of our lives.


I have something I want to say to you: I believe in you. With all my heart, with all my soul. Everything in me knows, without a doubt, that you are meant for great success. You were made for it. It’s your portion. And that doesn’t mean spotlights and undue pressure that lead to DWIs and self-loathing. That just means you have permission to be you – all of you. Because success in life starts and ends with you living up to your own potential. It’s You vs You. I believe in YOU.

So, What Is Belief?

Belief is a fundamental part of who we are. It’s that inner conviction that something is true, even without concrete evidence. Unlike knowledge, which is based on evidence and proof, belief is deeply personal. It’s shaped by our experiences, upbringing, and the culture around us. Beliefs are the roots that anchor us to our sense of self.

Belief x Your Thoughts

Belief can transform our mental state in powerful ways. It’s like a mental superhero cape – when you believe in something, especially in yourself, it can make you unstoppable. This isn’t just vain feel-goodery; what I’m talking about here is backed by science. Think about the placebo effect: people experience real improvements in health simply because they believe a treatment will work, even if it’s just a sugar pill. The mind’s power to influence reality is truly remarkable.

Belief x The Next Version of You

Belief is the cornerstone of personal growth and self-improvement. Ever heard of a growth mindset? It’s the belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed with effort and persistence. Contrast that with a fixed mindset, which views talents as static traits. Believing in your ability to grow can help you overcome obstacles and achieve things you never thought possible.

Beliefs x Your Environment

Beliefs aren’t just personal; they’re social and cultural too. Think about how religious beliefs shape entire communities or how cultural beliefs influence social norms and behaviors. For instance, it’s not macaroni and cheese if I can’t cut it with a knife. So, don’t come around me with no milky, soupy “cheese and macaroni” nonsense around the holidays.

Shared beliefs can unite people, creating strong bonds and a sense of belonging. But they can also divide us, leading to conflict.

Belief x Progress

Belief is crucial in the world of science and innovation. The belief that something seemingly impossible can be achieved has led to some of humanity’s greatest advancements. From the Wright brothers believing they could fly to scientists believing they could decode the human genome, belief has consistently pushed us forward.

Belief x Togetherness

When a group of people believes in a cause, it can spark movements and bring about significant change. Look at the Civil Rights Movement, environmental activism, or the recent push for social justice. When enough people believe in something, it can change the world.

Belief Is a Force That Impacts the World Around It

Belief doesn’t just impact us internally; it radiates outward, influencing the world around us. When we believe in a vision, a goal, or a cause, our actions begin to line up with that belief, creating ripples that affect those around us. Consider how the belief in equality fueled the movements for civil rights and women’s suffrage. These beliefs galvanized millions, leading to significant societal changes.

I’ve come to realize that the beliefs we hold can shape our interactions and environments. A teacher who believes in the potential of their students inspires confidence and a desire to learn. A leader who believes in their team fosters a culture of trust and innovation. Even on a smaller scale, believing in kindness and compassion can create a more supportive and empathetic community.

Belief is contagious. When we passionately believe in something, we inspire others to share that belief. This collective energy can drive social change, spark revolutions, and create a shared vision for a better future. The world is constantly being shaped by the beliefs of those who dare to dream and act on those dreams.

Do You Have the Courage to Believe with Me?

Belief takes effort, which is why I refer to it as a force. Belief is always intentional. It’s a concerted effort in the direction of an idea. It costs something to believe. Belief demands courage. It asks us to invest emotionally and intellectually in something uncertain. This investment can lead to incredible rewards, but it also opens us up to the possibility of failure and heartache. It’s this dual nature that makes belief so powerful and so daunting. Those who embrace belief, despite its risks, often find that the rewards far outweigh the potential disappointments.


In the end, belief is more than just a thought or a feeling; it’s a powerful force that shapes our lives and our world. It’s the difference between giving up and pushing through, between division and unity, between stagnation and progress. Let’s harness the power of belief to create a better future for ourselves and those around us.

Belief is the invisible force that shapes our actions, influences our thoughts, and ultimately determines our paths. Embrace it, challenge it, and use it to make a difference. Because in the end, what we believe in defines who we are and what we can achieve.

And now, one of my faves from the late, great Amp Fiddler.

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